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Our practice has been conducting clinical research since 2002, and has participated in more than 17 clinical trials. We actively recruit patients from our patient population and through outside physician referrals. Areas of interest include Renal Disease, Dialysis, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders.

The goal of medical research is to extend the length of life and to improve the quality of life for the population. Medical research helps us learn how our bodies work, why we get sick and what can we do to get and stay well. We evaluate new treatments for both safety and efficacy and use the results to the benefit of our patients. The goal of the practice is to work closely and collaboratively to achieve the highest quality medical care for our patients. In research it is our mission to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research. We abide by the highest of ethical standards as mandated by the FDA and as governed by The Belmont Report and Declaration of Helsinki for the protection of human research subjects. All research staff members are trained in the ethical practices of research through The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (Citi Program).


There are several reasons to participate in clinical trials. Some volunteers participate to help others in the future and many participate in order to receive the newest treatment available for their personal benefit. Clinical trials make it possible to develop the newest treatments in order to gain FDA approval. Some clinical trials are done in order to improve existing treatment options.

Researchers/Contact US

Interested participants can contact the office for additional information; you may reach us at 508-747-4883 during regular business hours.

Principal Investigator: Piotr Lazowski, MD

Clinical Research Coordinator/Research Nurse: Mary Macdonald, BSN, RN

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