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Health promotion

by Mary Macdonald BSN, RN

Research shows that many cancers are preventable by reducing tobacco use and curbing obesity, yet prostate, lung, and colorectal cancer rates are higher in Southeastern Massachusetts than statewide. The reports show that 58.8% of adults and 30.5% of children were obese as of 2012, and 16.4% of adults were smoking. It is known that lung cancer is attributable to cigarette smoking as well as second hand smoke, but so many have not taken steps to break away from the unhealthy habits and choices.

Behavioral counseling, pharmacological interventions, self-help strategies, group therapy, alternative therapy, exercise programs, and improved awareness of food choices and portion control are all available resources and techniques to aid in smoking cessation and weight management.

The U.S. Surgeon General has described obesity as one of the top healthcare priorities in the U.S. as two-thirds of adult Americans are obese or overweight. Obesity not only increases the risks for cancers, but for stroke, diabetes, and coronary artery disease.

There are many resources available for safe and successful healthy living strategies to reduce and manage weight and stop smoking. These are some of them:

1-800-QUIT NOW (telephone support lines)

Support is a phone call or a click away. Please take advantage of the many resources that are available by taking the initial step. Health promotion and healthier living is right around the corner-please take advantage of it!

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