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Patiromer- a new oral potassium binder

Patiromer is a new oral potassium binder that can be a very effective medication for patients with high serum potassium level and chronic kidney disease. by Dr. Lazowski

High fiber diet in diverticular disease

High fiber diet might be beneficial in diverticular disease. by Dr. Lazowski

Medication challenges

Updated list of meds is crucial to patient's health. by Mary Macdonald BSN, RN

Task force updates blood pressure screening recommendations

New recommendations have been released by US Preventive Services Task force on screening and treatment of hypertension. by Dr. Lazowski

Research is not for guinea pigs.

Participation in a clinical trial helps to advance research. by Mary Macdonald BSN, RN

A kidney knowledge survey.

Many Americans know very little about the kidneys. by Dr. Lazowski

A different care

CVS pharmacy takes care of your health needs. by Dr. Lazowski

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Oral vitamin B12 supplementation is an effective initial treatment. by Dr. Lazowski

Health promotion

Many health promotion resources are available to patients. by Mary Macdonald BSN, RN

Skin cancer detection and prevention month.

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. by Mary Macdonald BSN, RN

High-acid diets may increase risk of kidney disease

High acid diet may increase the risk of kidney disease. by Dr. Lazowski

Blood Pressure Guidelines

New guidelines were released for blood pressure control in patients with heart disease by American College of Cardiology and American Society of Hypertension. by Dr. Lazowski

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